Scars On My Feet by Stephen Marley ft. Waka Flocka Flame

Stephen Marley released the latest video for a song from his album (see post before) exclusively on Vevo, but i just found it on Youtube. Vevo is much better than this Tidal shit for sure. Ok – one is audio only and the other is video, but both offer mainly music. I was not able to find a way to include a Vevo video here.

Watch it on Vevo, if you like.

New song: Damian Marley – Nail Pon Cross from upcoming album called Stony Hill

The Marley gang is working hard it seems and releases new music all the time. Too bad this new song from the upcoming Damian Marley album called Stony Hill was exclusively released on Tidal. These bitches just want to force you to pay the monthly bill to listen to it in better quality. Just be patient and wait for it. It will be around somewhere whenever. Just found it on Google Play for purchase. Better than a monthly fee. You will probably be able to find it at other sources of course.

Damian Marley-Nail Pon Cross

News on Billboard

Jah9 releases 9MM Vol. 2 (Soundcloud and Free Download) in advance of her new album called 9

In advance of the upcoming album called 9, Jah9 uploaded a new collection of songs called 9MM Vol.2 to Soundcloud and additionally as free download to her webpage.

Jah9 - 9

First single from the upcoming album is called Humble Mi, which you can check out on Soundcloud as well.

Jah9_9MM Vol 2

Visit to get it as MP3.

Bonez MC & RAF Camora – Palmen aus Plastik (Official Video) and upcoming album

Bonez MC and RAF Camora will release a new album called Palmen aus Plastik. First tune has the same title and this is a beast. So check it out. I did not have RAF Camora on my list, but remembering him from years ago and poping up on my monitor without any special notice from my side, he is definitively on my list now.
Bonez MC is part of 187 Strassenbande from Hamburg. Thats normally not my type of music, but it seems Hamburg music is getting a big push lately. I really enjoy this shit.

RAF Camora Bonez MC - Palmen aus Plastik-500

Also do not forget to check these tunes from the previous album Ghøst from RAF Camora. So Lala is amazing.

RAF Camora-Ghost