Jah9 releases 9MM Vol. 2 (Soundcloud and Free Download) in advance of her new album called 9

In advance of the upcoming album called 9, Jah9 uploaded a new collection of songs called 9MM Vol.2 to Soundcloud and additionally as free download to her webpage.

Jah9 - 9

First single from the upcoming album is called Humble Mi, which you can check out on Soundcloud as well.

Jah9_9MM Vol 2

Visit http://www.jah9.com/jah9-9mm-vol-2 to get it as MP3.


Bonez MC & RAF Camora – Palmen aus Plastik (Official Video) and upcoming album

Bonez MC and RAF Camora will release a new album called Palmen aus Plastik. First tune has the same title and this is a beast. So check it out. I did not have RAF Camora on my list, but remembering him from years ago and poping up on my monitor without any special notice from my side, he is definitively on my list now.
Bonez MC is part of 187 Strassenbande from Hamburg. Thats normally not my type of music, but it seems Hamburg music is getting a big push lately. I really enjoy this shit.

RAF Camora Bonez MC - Palmen aus Plastik-500

Also do not forget to check these tunes from the previous album Ghøst from RAF Camora. So Lala is amazing.

RAF Camora-Ghost

Afrob – Ich bin dieser (Official Video) from upcoming album Mutterschiff

Afrob is going to release a new album titled Mutterschiff. First song released is this one, which is really worth wasting a few minutes or more, if you wanna listen to it more often. 🙂
So lets hope, that this album continues as this song starts the row. The last album PUSH (not taking care of the ASD releases here) was a bit disappointing from my point of view.


Two “new” albums: Snoop Dogg – Coolaid and together with Wiz Khalifa – High

Snoop Dogg is very active as usual. 2-3 months ago he released an album together with Wiz Khalifa called High. And just now he released his new ablum called Coolaid. I prefer High over Coolaid, but both are pretty crazy shit.

Snoop Dogg Wiz Khalifa-High

Snoop Dogg-Coolaid

Luckily Snoop released a few songs from Coolaid on Soundcloud. This beast of an album has 20 tracks (not like the usual 10-13 tracks that you usually get from others – ups High has 11 tracks “only”). So these seven tracks on Soundcloud are just a warm up.

I am kinda lost in Snoops online stuff since he is pretty active online as well. So i was not really able to find anything quickly from the album High for you as preview. So just check his Youtube and Soundcloud channels.


New album: Dellé – NEO

Dellé, if you do not know him, is one of the three front bitches of Seeed together with Boundzound and Peter Fox. He just released his new album called NEO. From my point of view (which is always the case here) it is not really spectecular or so, but worth listening. My favorite song on it is Tic Toc feat. Gentleman (this guy is great as feature). Check out the song on Youtube. Nonetheless it would have been great, if he would sing in german instead of english. At least a few tunes.


New album: Ziggy Marley with his self titled album Ziggy Marley

Ziggy Marley released his self titled album a few days ago. And this is really worth the title cause it amazing. Once again really recommended to listen to this one. Too bad that there seems to be no offical video to any tune of it available yet, that i could post here for you to listen to it in advance. So get it at the source of your choice. You will not regret it. If you do, don’t blame me. 🙂


Official webpage: http://ziggymarley.com/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/ziggymarleycom