Rudebwoy produced by Jugglerz – German Dancehall thumb up

Jugglerz should be well known anyhow. Just be sure, that you do not miss their Rudebwoy Project shit.

Rudebwoy – Politisch nicht korrekt EP at your favorite place:
Politisch nicht korrekt

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Wicked German Dancehall Shit from Chefboss

Chefboss offers: Wicked German Dancehall Shit from Hamburg / Germany
Produced by Flo Bauer.

Kinda reminds me of Rudebwoy produced by Jugglerz. If those two would join up, at least this would make you shut up and dance.

Available EP: Blitzlichtgewitter
Blitzlichtgewitter EP

Available Single: Zombie Apokalypse
Zombie Apokalypse

Get it at the place our your choice.

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