Two “new” albums: Snoop Dogg – Coolaid and together with Wiz Khalifa – High

Snoop Dogg is very active as usual. 2-3 months ago he released an album together with Wiz Khalifa called High. And just now he released his new ablum called Coolaid. I prefer High over Coolaid, but both are pretty crazy shit.

Snoop Dogg Wiz Khalifa-High

Snoop Dogg-Coolaid

Luckily Snoop released a few songs from Coolaid on Soundcloud. This beast of an album has 20 tracks (not like the usual 10-13 tracks that you usually get from others – ups High has 11 tracks “only”). So these seven tracks on Soundcloud are just a warm up.

I am kinda lost in Snoops online stuff since he is pretty active online as well. So i was not really able to find anything quickly from the album High for you as preview. So just check his Youtube and Soundcloud channels.